AP Chemistry (Period 3)

foto teresa frances 5y 6 y CCNN y CCSS 5
Francés 5º y 6º / CCNN y CCSS 5º Primaria

I know you are wondering if this program will cover the units that you are studying. Below is a list of all the units and the lessons contained in the units. If you are using this as a curriculum, you can see that this Algebra Course contains a very thorough study of Algebra. If you are using this as a supplement to your studies, you will find many individual lessons guaranteed to suit your needs. In order to complete the entire course in the allotted time.

Unit NameDateAssignments
States of Matter and Atomic Structure
Introduction to Principles of ChemistryFebruary 4, 20161
States of Matter and Atomic StructureFebruary 8, 20162
Relative Formula Mass and Chemical EquationsMarch 6, 20162
Chemical FormulaeMarch 9, 20161
Reacting masses, Ionic and Covalent BondingMarch 11, 20161
Metallic Crystals and ElectrolysisApril 9, 20161
Using FormulasApril 11, 20163
Absolute ValueMay 26, 20161

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